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Winter Equipment Rentals

UPDATE 1/10/19: Please do not place a rental order prior to confirming availability with our junior coaching staff. At this point in the season, inventory is low and we will not be ordering more equipment. Rental availability is limited strictly to what we currently have in stock. 


Please read before ordering: 

- This is where you'll find season-long rentals. These items are only available to members of Craftsbury's season-long program participants. Individuals wishing to rent equipment but not participating in COC programs should visit the Touring Center for daily rentals. If you have questions about sizing or what you need to participate in any given program, please contact our junior coaching staff: or 802-586-7767 ext. 344. 

- Season-long rentals are yours for, well, the season! Rentals are typically distributed in late November or early December, depending on the program (we try to get them out the door in the first few weeks of practice). 

- Our inventory is limited. As the season progresses, we sometimes run out of certain sizes or certain items and our suppliers do as well. We reserve the right to refund and cancel your rental order if we cannot fill it. We are most likely to be able to fill rentals submitted before December 1st; it becomes more of a gamble after that. We don't currently have a firm deadline but prices may increase later in the season. 

- Season-long rental equipment is meant to be taken home. We want kids to be able to use it outside of practice! Additionally, our storage space is limited. Those kids taking the school bus to the Outdoor Center may leave their equipment at the Outdoor Center per arrangement with the coaching staff. 

- Access to our season-long equipment and uniform rentals is an opportunity, not a right or guarantee. We started season-long rentals to make Nordic skiing more accessible to families with growing children. 

- We ask that all of our rental gear is treated with care and respect. To continue to make rental items affordable, we typically need to rent them for several years. We can only do this if everyone takes good care of their gear and returns it in good shape. 

- All equipment rentals require a deposit. You must leave a deposit check before taking home your equipment. Deposits should be in check form, made out to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, and dated May 1, 2019. You will get your deposit back when you return your equipment. If your equipment is not returned by May 1, 2019, the deposit check will be cashed. 

Deposit amounts: 

  • 2-pair rental package: $300
  • 1-pair rental package: $200
  • 1 pair of skis only: $100
  • boots only: $75
  • poles: $50